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If you would like to contact any of these certified ringside physicians please submit an email to mjohns@reesgroupinc.com.

Last Name First Name Credentials Specialty State/Prov Country
Bentley Brett MD Primary Care Sports Medicine AL United States 
Cantrell Michael MD Orthopedic Surgery AL United States
RobinsonJamesMD Primary Care Sports Medicine AL United States 
Stewart Earl MD Primary Care Sports Medicine AL United States 
Warner G. Scott  MD Internal Medicine AL United States 
Williams David MD Family Practice AL United States 
Carfagno David DO Internal Medicine & Sports Medicine AZ United States 


JamesDO Occupational Medicine AZUnited States
Ota Ken DO Family Medicine AZ United States 
Diego DO Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine CA United States
Ayoub Edmund MD Family Medicine CA United States
BeairdChyle MD Family Medicine CA United States 
Golden Patrick MD Internal Medicine CA United States
JelenMitchell MD Gen Practice CA United States 
Nicola Frederic MD Orthopedic Surgery CA United States
Pautz Matthew DO, JD Orthopedic Surgery CA United States 
Rand Rhonda MD Dermatology CA United States
Ruelaz  Robert MD Cardiology, Cardiac EPCAUnited States
SabyAdam MD PM&R CA United States 
TuckerKelly MD Cardiology CA United States 
Constantinides Alexios-Clark DO Family Medicine CO United States
Muhammad Rodney DO Family Medicine CO United States
Carlson Tim MD Family Medicine FL United States 
GordonMark MD General Surgery FL United States 
Grenevicki Lance MD Oral & Maxilofascial Surgery FL United States 
Ling Lanway MD Family Medicine FL United States 
Muzzi Donald MD Neuro-Anesthesiology FL, MN, NY United States
Hill Andrea MD Pediatrics GA United States 
Okamoto James MD Family Medicine HI United States
Akiens Grace MD Family Medicine IL United States
Horton Michael MD Diagnostic Radiology IL United States
Prus Igor MD Family Medicine IL United States 
RizzoNicholas MD Internal Medicine IL United States 
Stryker Steven MD Surgery IL United States 
Ward  MichaelMD Primary Care Sports Medicine IL United States 
Hertz Bruce MD Internal Medicine IL, IN United States
Vazquez Emilio MD Family Medicine IN United States 
Osborne John MD Orthopedic Surgery LA United States
Bohm Matthew MD Family Medicine KS United States 
ThodeJeffMDInternal MedicineKSUnited States
Durkin Louis MD Emergency Medicine MA United States
Davison Robert MD Internal Medicine MD United States
LarsonShaneMD Primary Care Sports Medicine MD United States 
Stiller John MD Neurology MD United States
ChorazyPaulaMD Pediatric Critical Care MI United States 
BensonScottMDFamily MedicineMNUnited States
Stringer Gene MD Family Medicine MN United States
Maclin Melvin MD Plastic Surgery MO United States
Munshi Junaid MD Family Medicine MO United States 
Barron Herome DO Family Medicine NC United States 
Estwanik Joseph MD Orthopedic Surgery NC United States
Neidecker John DO, ATC Primary Care Sports Medicine NC United States
ConroyBrian MD Orthopedic Surgery NE United States 
Colletta Domenic MD Emergency Medicine NJ United States
Browne Avery DO Family Medicine NJ, NY United States
BascharonRanda DO Orthopedic Surgery NV United States 
LeeBradford MD Emergency Medicine NV United States 
MazzoranaVicki MD Emergency Medicine NV United States 
Snead Brandon MD PM&R / Sports MedicineNV  United States 
StephenMDGeneral SurgeryNVUnited States
Zavala Damon DO Internal Medicine NV United States
Amores Edward MD Emergency Medicine & Sports Medicine NY United States 
Beatty Nicholas MD PM&R / Sports Medicine  NY United States 
Gagliardi Angela MD Pediatrics / Sports Medicine NY United States 
Gelfman Stephen MD, DDS Maxillofascial Surgery NY United States
King OsricMD Family Medicine NY United States 
KaplanJeffrey MD Orthopedic Surgery NY United States 
Maribelli Mark MD Primary Care Sports Medicine NY United States 
Newton Ratnakumar MD Family Medicine NY United States
Reid Ofrona MD Internal Medicine NY United States
Rotkowitz Louis MD Family Medicine NY United States 
Samad Imtiaz MD Internal Medicine NY United States
Sethi Nitin MD Neurology NY United States 
Teribury Frederick MD Internal Medicine  NY United States 
Varlotta GerardDO Physical Medicine & RehabilitationNY United States 
Weinstein RichardMD  Orthopedic SurgeryNY United States 
EverlyCharlesMD Emergency Medicine NY and QBUnited States & Canada
VeresZach DO  Family Practice OH United States 
Chleborad Jan MD  OK United States 
Combs David MD Family Medicine OK United States 
Lovelace David DO General Practice OK United States
Lovelace Larry DO Emergency Medicine OK United States
Olson Charles MD Family Medicine OK United States 
Veal Monte DO Family Medicine OK United States
Holding Michele MD PM&R / Pain Management PA United States 
Yurek Mark MD Family Medicine PA United States 
FuentesMichael  MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation TXUnited States
Landers Stephen MD ENT
TX United States 
LeeKevinMDEmergency MedicineTXUnited States 
Taylor Randolph MD Primary Care Sports Medicine TXUnited States
CabotMurdockMDGeneral Surgery
UTUnited States
HansonNicholas MD Family Medicine UT United States 
SalariAli DO Family Medicine UT United States 
DossWilliam MD PM&R VA United States 
Lee Travis MD Family Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation VA United States 
Depuydt Thomas MD Sports Medicine WA United States
Deweber Kevin MD Primary Care Sports Medicine WA United States
Sullivan Patrick MD Anesthesiology WI United States
Houser Alexander DOFamily Medicine  US Army  
Faria Rodrigo MD Orthopedic Surgery Rio de Janeiro Brazil 
Gosal Manjit MB ChB, MSc Family Medicine BC Canada
Boutros Mark MD Family Medicine ON Canada 
Ferdman Doron MD Familiy Medicine ON Canada 
Meathrel Kim MD Plastic Surgery ON Canada 
ZoudisAdamantios MD Family Medicine ONCanada
Gagne Gilbert MD Family Medicine QC Canada 
Grant Martin MD Family Medicine QC Canada 
Hebert Hugo MD Family Medicine QC Canada 
Lavoie Normand MD General Practice QC Canada 
Lyback Carl MD Orthopedic Surgery
MunizRosilvia MD General Practice
Puerto Rico 
Cheung Tin Lung Alan MD Orthopedics  Singapore 
WangJimmy Tse Jen MD Emergency Medicine  Taiwan 
WangWarren Wei JenMDEmergency Medicine
Inalsingh Calvin MB, Bch Family Medicine
Trinidad and Tobago
Mann Maurice MB ChB Family Medicine  United Kingdom 
MonsellRaymondMB, BchFamily Medicine
United Kingdom

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