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Certified Ringside Physician Exam May 6, 2019

The American College of Sports Medicine in collaboration with the Association for Ringside Physicians has developed the ARP/ACSM Certified Ringside Physician (CRP) certification. A CRP is experienced in ringside protocol and is instrumental in care before, during, and after the bout. The CRP has a basic understanding in various fields of medicine, which include but are not limited to wound care, orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, dermatology, infectious disease, emergency medicine, and even psychology.

The exam will be given at the conclusion of the Conference, beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, May 6, 2019. Separate registration is required for the exam. To preregister, visit the Ringside Physicians website and either register online or download and mail the registration application. Materials can be found at: http://ringsidearp.org/Certification.

Criteria necessary for certification in addition to passing exam:

  • MD or DO degree or a foreign medical degree equivalent.
  • Must have provided ringside event coverage for a minimum of three professional cards with at minimum 15 total fights or five amateur cards with a minimum of 30 total fights.
  • Must be licensed and be in good standing with the licensing body authority, (i.e. state, country) in which they are a ringside physician for a minimum of two years. This includes being up-to-date on required CME by their licensing body authority.
  • Must provide two forms of recommendation from the following sources: state/country athletic board commissioner, local boxing committee, or another ringside physician. Please use the forms provided on the ARP/ ACSM website.
  • If applicable, must be board certified in a primary medical specialty (e.g., Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Orthopaedics, etc.).

***Candidates may sit for the exam before submitting above criteria, but scores and certification will NOT be issued until proper documentation has been submitted to the ARP. The deadline for submission of all documentation is October 31, 2019. There are no refunds for incomplete or late applications.

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